In the name of God

The transportation industry is one of the infrastructure industries in the economic growth and development of any country, and the dynamism and life of many businesses depends on the efficiency and power of this very strategic field.

In Iran, due to the vast geographical area of the country and the need of the country’s relatively high population for the availability of various products and the possibility of exporting various products to different countries, the importance of this industry doubles.

At first glance, it may not seem that the transportation industry has many complexities, but with a little deeper look, we find out that due to the multitude of parameters affecting the provision of services in this field and the specific complexities of the country regarding the relevant laws and regulations. to commercial vehicles in production, import and territorial and climatic characteristics, as well as the work culture governing the labor force in this industry, especially the basic challenges in this field exist for every active company. That is why, with a statistical overview, we come across a long list of even long-standing companies in this industry that have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy, especially in recent years. With the same trend, we see more shocking statistics of shorter-lived companies that, unfortunately, are forced to close due to the lack of familiarity with the special challenges of this industry and the absence of experienced people who have touched the ins and outs of this field. became.

It is clear that no company will be able to succeed in this sensitive and complex industry, even with the injection of large capital and strong equipment and network, without the presence of forces benefiting from global knowledge and experienced experts in this field, as statistics show. And the figures are a good indication of this importance.

Mr. Majid Partovi, has entered the labor market as the head of procurement and transportation of a private company in 1372, and his first transportation project was in 1380 with Solarma Lakan Technical and Engineering Company, a contract to transport 8,000 56-inch pipe branches. From the origin of Mahshahr port to the destination of Nain and Abarkoh cities, until that time each branch of the 56-inch pipe was carried by a trolley, and with the management and engineering of the construction of tools and the provision of equipment, it succeeded in carrying all 2 pipe branches with one trolley, and this caused was able to appear as a capable company in the field of transporting 56-inch pipes and be noticed by pipeline transmission companies.

Since 2019, this company has succeeded in signing a cooperation agreement with Mahan Holding and expanded its activities through equity participation as a subset of this holding.

Introduction of transportation projects by Parchambar Transportation Company:

  1.  Payandan Company: since 2014, which continues until now (amounting to 30,000 services)
  2. Iran Arvin Company: 2016 (over 2000 services)
  3. Nasr Mithaq Ahvaz Company: Year 2008 (more than 2000 services)
  4. Arvandan Company (Khatam headquarters) (more than 1000 services)
  5. South Tehran Company (more than 1000 services)
  6. Rad Niro company (more than 1000 services)
  7. Sadid production group (more than 2000 services)
  8. Ehya Steel Foolad Baft Company (active in the field of pellet transportation)
  9. Sanat Bonab Steel Complex (active in the field of transporting steel ingots)

In 2013, this company achieved its success in the field of rail transportation and the combination of rail and road transportation, and a memorandum of cooperation was signed between three railway companies (Saipa Logistics, Saarinal, Behin Logistics) regarding the annual rental of freight wagons. With the number of 300 devices, he contracted the transportation of pipes from Mahshahr and Ahvaz stations to Saveh and vice versa and succeeded in achieving the following successful projects.

Successful projects in the field of combined rail and road transportation so far:

  1.  Payandan company, transporting 5000 56-inch pipe branches from Mahshahr to Saveh and vice versa
  2. Sedid production group, transporting 3000 56-inch pipe branches from Mahshahr to Turkmenistan
  3. Nirovostar company, transporting 5200 pipes from Ahvaz to Zahedan
  4. Gilan Sanat Steel Complex (active in the field of transporting steel ingots) from Bandar Abbas to Rasht

Successful projects in the field of car transportation and the automotive industry since 2008:

  1.  Zamiad company: from 2018 to 2019 (more than 3500 services)
    Saipa Logistics Company: since 2009, which continues until now (more than 10,000 services)
  2. Saipa Company: since 2010, which continues until now (more than 33,600 services)
  3. Samand Rail Company (Iran Khodro): continues since 2015 (more than 3000 services)
  4. Kaveh Iran Production Company: 2012 (more than 1000 services)
  5. Car Managers Company: 2012, which continues until now (more than 5000 services)

And now this company has the honor of cooperating with several companies active in the field of car production, oil and gas transmission line and active steel production and rolling factories in Iran.