Ground transportation

Ground transportation (road) as FTL (full truckload), LTL (groupage – small cargo) and transportation of bulk cargo with a special belt and bag from all European countries and Turkey to all customs of the country by Parchambar transportation company. International transit with Iranian and foreign trucks is done depending on the customer’s request with the fastest time and the lowest possible rate from all parts of the world to all the country’s customs.

Required information for ordering international road transportation: loading location (exact address of origin for EXW cargoes and name of the port of origin for FCA cargoes) unloading location (name of destination customs office) number of trucks (eg. 3 x FTL) number of cartons or Pallets (indicate STCKABLE or NON-STACKABLE if needed) dimensions and weight of each carton or pallet (preferably in cm, otherwise state the measurement unit) product type along with tariff code (If the goods are dangerous, be sure to attach the MSDS as well) Advantages of international ground transportation:

1- The need for less investment

Ground (road) transportation requires less investment compared to other methods such as rail and air transportation, on the other hand, the cost of building and maintaining roads is much lower than the cost of building and maintaining railways. Roads are usually built by the government and only a small toll is paid to use them.

2- Door to door service

One of the most important advantages of ground (road) transportation is that it is possible to provide door-to-door or warehouse-to-warehouse services and significantly reduce the cost of loading, storage, and unloading.

3- The possibility of providing services to inaccessible areas

Ground (road) transportation is more suitable for transporting goods or passengers to areas that are not accessible by rail, waterways, or air. Exchange of goods between big cities and small villages is possible only by road.

4- Varied service provision Another advantage of ground (road) transportation is that its services are diverse and changeable. The route and timing of the trucks can be changed depending on the needs of the customers and get their satisfaction.

5- Suitable for short routes to transport goods in short distances, road transport is very fast and economical. The goods can be loaded on a truck and sent directly to the destination without the need for any intermediaries.

6- Less risk of damage to the goods, since there is no need for unloading and loading on the way, the risk of the goods being damaged or broken is very low. Perhaps this is why road transport is more suitable for transporting fragile goods such as porcelain and marble because there is a high possibility that such goods will be damaged during repeated loading and unloading on the way.

7- Lower cost of packaging compared to other methods of transportation, the process of packing goods in road transportation is less complicated. It is not necessary for the goods to be moved in this way to be wrapped in multiple envelopes.

8- Speed of transfer In the case of goods that must reach the consumer quickly, ground (road) transportation is the most appropriate option. You know that water transport is very slow and takes a lot of time to load.

9- Private cars Another advantage of ground (road) transportation is that businessmen and capitalists can start small companies and provide appropriate services to customers without delay. Considering the above, it can be said that transporting land goods by road is very safe and economical, and it even feeds other transportation methods. In many cases, road transportation feeds other modes of transportation such as rail, shipping, and airlines and delivers goods to more distant locations.