Parhambar Company

The transportation industry is one of the infrastructure industries in the economic growth and development of any country, and the dynamism and life of many businesses depends on the efficiency and power of this very strategic field.

Examples of companies that we managed to cooperate with:

  • Sapia Co
  • Saipa Logistics Company
  • Iran Khodro Company
  • Zamiad Company
  • Payandan company
In Iran, due to the country’s vast geographical area and the country’s relatively high population’s need for the availability of various products, as well as the possibility of exporting various products to different countries, the importance of this industry doubles. At first glance, it may not seem that the transportation industry has many complexities, but with a little deeper look, we find out that due to the multitude of parameters affecting the provision of services in this field and the specific complexities of the country regarding the relevant laws and regulations. to commercial vehicles in production, import and territorial and climatic characteristics, as well as the work culture that governs the workforce in this industry, there are serious challenges in this field for any active company. We see a lot of companies even with a long history in this industry, which have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy, especially in recent years.


In the horizon of 1404, Parcham Bar Company will be a leading and superior company in multi-modal transportation in terms of the amount of cargo, fleet and network of colleagues in the country.
Innovation, compatibility with the environment, safety, economic and fast shipping for customers are among the goals of the company.


Parchambar Company provides multimodal transportation services and fast, economical, safe and reliable logistics solutions in the country. With a network of colleagues, this company has a significant share of the country’s freight market.
The main goal of our work is to obtain the satisfaction of the beneficiaries and customers by honesty and correct and cost-effective transportation.