Consulting and business services

In this complex business situation in global trade, one of the important parts of international trade is providing advice and business services to respectable merchants and businessmen in the country of origin or destination.

With knowledge, experience and respect for international trade laws, international trade terms (Incoterms) and local laws of trading partner countries, Parchambar Company is one of the essential requirements of business work.

Familiarity with the regulations and customs tariffs of countries, as well as familiarity with the process of entering and exiting goods from customs and the process of investing and attracting and supporting investors by governments is a requirement of business work, and Parchambar is ready to provide services in such cases.

Some of the services are as follows:

* Free consultation in commercial matters by experts in commercial and customs matters based on the latest circulars, laws and regulations of the country’s customs trade
* Estimating and announcing all shipping and clearance costs (based on the value of the product, legal tariff, etc.) before receiving the product in the country of origin (based on the proforma invoice, catalog, brochure and documents provided)
* Conclusion of a valid contract based on the proforma invoice and the information provided to calculate the costs
* Notification of shipping and clearance costs to business partners within 24 hours