Export of goods

In order to improve the economic status and convenience of customers both inside and outside, Parchambar Transport Company undertakes all the responsibilities and stages of exporting goods by air, land and sea transportation for our dear customers to most parts of the world.

Below are the general steps of exporting goods:
The first and most important step in exporting goods is marketing. Marketing means knowing foreign markets and the ways to penetrate them, it is possible to achieve this knowledge through negotiations with buyers, participation in international exhibitions, contact with business consultants in chambers of commerce. Identification of competing products, their quality, price plays an important role in the target market.

The first step in exporting is to identify the target market. It should be determined what the market needs are and plan an export strategy. The meaning of the strategy is to select the market and decide on the type of goods, price and distribution policies of those goods.

An export marketing should include the following: target market, market situation and market segments, pricing, distribution channels, these goals should be achievable, realistic and specific.

In order to attract the customer’s opinion, it is necessary to make necessary changes in many goods, these changes are only for the purpose of creating more attractiveness in the export markets. Necessary adjustments and changes should be made in the works, regarding packaging, labels, trademarks and expected after-sales services.

When pricing the goods, a series of additional costs such as insurance, transportation, the cost of adapting the goods, customs duties and taxes, commission fees of importing agents should be considered.

Advertising methods, business missions, buyer visits, other promotional activities should be carried out and customer satisfaction should be provided effectively

A successful marketing system person learns to receive, process and edit everything that needs to be received and delivered to their customers.

It should be done in a way that is acceptable to the customer. Use methods and techniques to maintain market share and customers and create long-term relationships.